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Overview: DGM-CHINA is the only member of DGM's global network in China. The company was established in 1996 with the full name of Dangerous Goods Management (China) Ltd. and the full Chinese name of "Beijing Dangerous Goods Management (China) Ltd.". It is legally registered and established. A limited liability company headquartered in Beijing.

1. Introduction to DGM
    DGM-CHINA is the only member of DGM's global network in China. The company was established in 1996 with the full name of Dangerous Goods Management (China) Ltd. and the full Chinese name of "Beijing Dangerous Goods Management (China) Ltd.". It is legally registered and established. A limited liability company headquartered in Beijing.
    As early as the 1990s, DGM China has been engaged in professional dangerous goods air transportation technical services. As a pioneer in the domestic industry, since its establishment, it has been rooted in the professional services of dangerous goods transportation to promote my country's dangerous goods safety standards. It is committed to the safety management of air transportation of dangerous goods, and has introduced advanced foreign management methods and technologies into China, making great contributions to the air transportation management of civil dangerous goods.
    After 16 years of exploration, summary, efforts and development, DGM-CHINA has established branches in Tianjin, Shanghai, Xiamen, Shenzhen, Dalian, Qingdao and Guangzhou, and initially formed a service network in coastal areas of China.

2. DGM service tenet and business philosophy - harmony, efficiency, safety
1. Adhere to the purpose of ensuring the safety of air transportation, abide by professional ethics, and achieve the overall management level of China's dangerous goods transportation in line with international standards.
2. Based on objectivity, fair behavior, scientific method, accurate results and timely service.
3. Adhering to the concept of "safety is the most important thing", constantly getting close to customers, taking serving customers, respecting science, and operating according to law as the operating principles, it has become a bridge and partner between shippers and carriers in the air transport of dangerous goods in China.

3. DGM service scope
(1) Detection, classification and identification of dangerous goods
    DGM CHINA accepts the entrustment of the cargo owner, and provides hazard identification consulting services for the transported cargo according to the cargo's own physical and chemical properties, toxicological data, radioactive transport index, explosiveness, infectivity and other data.
    The consulting service is based on the IATA "Dangerous Goods Air Transport Regulations" (DGR), and has passed the IATA-compliant flash point and viscosity test of flammable liquids, solid combustion test, self-ignition and self-heating substance test, water-inflammable substance test, and oxidation test. , corrosion test, battery destructive test and magnetic field strength measurement and other standard experiments, as well as on-site inspection of special goods such as automobiles, motorcycles, engines, steel cylinders, fire extinguishers, refrigerators, air conditioners, medical equipment, mechanical equipment, etc., while referring to DGM The experience data of the headquarters and other branches and the relevant data of each authoritative database shall be issued in written appraisal results, and at the same time, they shall bear legal responsibility for the appraisal results.
(2) Dangerous goods transportation training
    DGM CHINA is authorized by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the Civil Aviation Administration of China to provide IATA dangerous goods operation training. Training courses are held regularly every year, and the training objects are mainly for major domestic and foreign airlines, civil aviation management departments, safety supervision and management departments, and logistics support departments of large enterprises. Every year, a large number of professionals holding IATA dangerous goods operation certificates are trained.
    DGM-CHINA has taken the lead in providing the current International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG Code) training for shipping companies, freight forwarders, container terminals and other units and individuals in China.
(3) Dangerous goods consignment agency
    DGM CHINA accepts the entrustment of the shipper and provides comprehensive and professional solutions including multimodal transportation for the shipper's dangerous goods transportation with reference to the different terms of the governments of various countries and regions and relevant operators. On the premise of safety and cargo safety, reduce time and cost as much as possible.
(4) Dangerous goods packaging services
    Dangerous goods are only dangerous when they leak or come into contact with other substances to produce a chemical reaction, so the packaging of dangerous goods is particularly important.
DGM CHINA can provide customers with UN packaging of various specifications including 4GV special packaging in accordance with IATA regulations, and can provide special packaging for dangerous goods with strong suitability for various industries such as medical and health, energy, electronics, and chemical industries. The company purchased some imported packaging, and was equipped with qualified inner packaging containers, liner materials and adsorption materials. The packaging, marking, labeling and other related operations on the packaging are carried out in strict accordance with the DGR requirements to ensure that the goods are in good condition throughout the transportation process.
(5) Dangerous goods transportation consulting and emergency services
    DGM CHINA provides emergency response deployment, management consulting, emergency technical guidance and emergency rescue for major domestic and foreign airlines and their ground service agencies, emergency handling of dangerous goods accidents, and taking remedial measures to avoid or reduce hazards as much as possible. economic losses that may result from product accidents and their impact on people and the environment.
    DGM-CHINA also provides accident investigation and consulting services for the Civil Aviation Administration of China and its regional administrations, safety supervision offices, public safety management departments and local airport authorities.
(6) Preparation of shipper's documents
    DGM CHINA accepts the entrustment of the shipper and the operator, and produces the shipper's dangerous goods declaration form, dangerous goods inspection list, captain's notice (NOTOC) and other transport documents and dangerous goods marks and labels.
(7) Other services
    In addition to the above services, DGM CHINA tailors other services related to the air transport of dangerous goods for customers according to their needs.


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