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Amazon UL

With the continuous improvement of Amazon's strategic position in global business, the listing of live products on Amazon requires relevant UL reports and test reports issued by ISO 17025-qualified laboratories to be able to sell normally and restore links.

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1. Introduction to Amazon UL Standard Test Report

With the continuous improvement of Amazon's strategic position in global business, the listing of live products on Amazon requires relevant UL reports and test reports issued by ISO 17025-qualified laboratories to be able to sell normally and restore links. If the products purchased by competitors or customers do not have relevant standard safety reports, the competitors or customers will entrust a US lawyer to send a letter to Amazon, requesting to stop selling the company's products, and apply for court proceedings to destroy all the company's products on Amazon , which could mean the company is essentially being driven out of the North American market. Many sellers reported that they received relevant email notifications, and the products were suspended from sales and listings were removed due to the inability to provide UL test reports within the specified time.


2. Common standards for UL standard test reports



IT/AV products

UL 62368-1

Safe low voltage power supply (including charger)


Non-safety low voltage power supply (including charger)


mobile power


car charger


Car inverter


Toy product power supply


medical power


wireless products

UL 62368-1

Home appliances


Industrial (Transformer)



3. Amazon UL standard test report processing process

1. The applicant submits the application.
2. The applicant fills in the application form and provides instructions and technical documents.
3. Determine test standards and test items and quote.
4. The applicant confirms the quotation and submits samples and relevant technical documents.
5. A fee notice is issued to the applicant, and the applicant pays the certification fee according to the fee notice.
6. Schedule the product to be tested.
7. If the test fails, notify the applicant and allow the applicant to improve the product.
So, until the test is qualified. The applicant should make changes to the technical data in the original application so as to reflect the actual situation after the changes.

8. If the test is qualified, the applicant will be provided with a UL test report.


4. Information required for Amazon UL standard test report processing

1. A copy of the business license of the company information sheet (for customers who apply for UL for the second time).
2. Product description (including but not limited to the following) product name product model.
3. Parts List - Please provide the name and model, rating, manufacturer's information of the product parts. If the component has been certified by UL, please indicate the UL file number of the component. If there are multiple suppliers of a certain component, they can be provided together.
4. Performance and specifications: such as size, rated voltage, current, frequency and power, etc.
5. Structural drawing or exploded drawing: the structural drawing of the product, please indicate the name of each part in the drawing, so as to correspond to the parts list one by one.
6. Please provide the electrical schematic diagram: PCB schematic diagram PCB LAYOUT.

7. Product photos, instructions for use, safety matters or installation instructions, etc.


5. Amazon UL test report processing fee and cycle

The specific cost depends on the specific product function. The test items of different products are different, so the cost is also different. (You can consult the product information to inquire about the magnetic inspection)

Cycle: 5-7 working days

Note: If the US UL test standard used is not updated, the UL test report is valid for a long time.


6. The difference between UL certification and UL test report

UL certification: voluntary certification, which requires testing products and auditing factories, auditing once a quarter, high cost, long time, and very strict factory audits.

UL test report: After the product is tested and qualified according to the corresponding UL standard, a qualified test report will be issued. Low cost, short cycle, no need to audit the factory. Can be used for Amazon audit, customs clearance is invalid.

Amazon UL Standard Test Report 1569

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