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The Brazilian Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL) requires that all telecommunications products and accessories must be certified by ANATEL before they can be legally commercialized and used in Brazil.

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The Brazilian Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL) requires that all telecommunications products and accessories must be certified by ANATEL before they can be legally commercialized and used in Brazil.

1. ANATEL certified product range category

Category I:
Terminal equipment connected to a Fixed Switched Telephone Service (FSTS) network through an endpoint;
Equipment for connecting private telecommunication networks to the FSTS network;
Equipment connected to the FSTS network for the purpose of providing value-added services.
Including: mobile phone, satellite phone, VOIP phone, mobile phone battery, mobile phone charging line, phone signal line, modem.

Category II:
Any equipment that uses radios not covered by Type I, such as low voltage installations, unlicensed equipment and antennas.
Includes: TV and radio antennas, receivers, transmitters, wireless network equipment, RF automation equipment.

Category III:
Any equipment regulated by ANATEL's rules and regulations not covered by Type I or II.
Including fiber optic cables, cable connectors, mobile network signal transmitters.

2. Supplementary scope of ANAT certification
According to the changing needs of the market, ANATEL has made some additions and adjustments to the certified products in 2018:
(1). Car cell phone chargers (12 Vdc or 24 Vdc) are newly included in the scope of ANATEL control;
(2). Wireless inductive chargers were originally defined as Category II (valid for 2 years) products, but were redefined as Category I after the promulgation of the new regulation Act. 493;
(3). All mobile lithium battery products, such as power bank, mobile phone batteries are classified as ANATEL category I scope

3. ANATEL certification application process
(1). The customer submits samples and materials to NTEK;
(2). Laboratory samples are tested, and a test report is issued after the test is completed
(3). The qualification certificate issuing agency reviews the test report and issues the ANATEL certificate

4. ANATEL certification application materials
(1). Information of the certification applicant
(2). Information about the manufacturer
(3). Information on the manufacturing plant
(4). User Manual
(5). Product Manual
(6). Technical Specifications
(7). Internal and external product photos
(8). Test report
(9). Electrical scheme
(10). ISO 9001 certification of the manufacturing plant (for Class I products or if there are multiple manufacturing plants)

5. ANATEL label requirements
(1). EAN number
(2). Certification number issued by Anatel
(3). ANATEL logo

6. Validity period of ANATEL certification
Validity period: 1 year for Class I, 2 years for Class II, 5 years for Class III.

7. ANATEL certification requirements
(1). ANATEL currently has no direct certification body in China, and all certification must be done in Brazil;
(2). The applicant and holder of ANATEL certification must be a local Brazilian enterprise, which can be a subsidiary, importer, distributor or authorized agent of the manufacturer in Brazil;
(3). User manuals, installation instructions and warning signs must be in Portuguese. Other documents may be in English;
(4). The product must have an identification plate containing the following information: ANATEL logo certification number (bar code); manufacturer's name; year of manufacture; model; serial number; distributor's registration number.
(5). According to the requirements of ANATEL, a special label needs to be affixed to the battery. The label cannot be printed by the manufacturer and needs to be purchased by the local Brazilian seller from the Brazilian official agency.

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