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Bluetooth BQB certification testing laboratory safety GTG, has been obtained CNAS L6214, CMA (201819013768), IECEE, UL, A2LA (4422.01), ITS, TUV and other major institutions authorized approval, can provide Bluetooth BQB certification testing services.

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More Introduction

1. Introduction to Bluetooth BQB Certification

Bluetooth certification is also BQB certification. If your product has Bluetooth function and the Bluetooth logo is to be marked on the appearance of the product, it must pass BQB certification. All Bluetooth SIG member companies can use the Bluetooth wordmark and logo after certification. The Bluetooth wordmark and logo may only be used on related products that have passed the Bluetooth qualification process. Another major change in the Bluetooth branding is the discontinuation of the Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth Smart Ready trademarks. The Bluetooth word mark is also a trademark, but its word mark is immutable and cannot be translated into any other language.



2. the importance of Bluetooth BQB certification

However, not all products that support the Bluetooth function are called Bluetooth products. Only after being tested and certified by the SIG (Special Interest Group, Bluetooth Special Interest Group) to meet the Bluetooth standard, are they eligible to be put into the market as Bluetooth products. In addition, BLUETOOTH, Bluetooth and other LOGOs and logos are registered trademarks of the Bluetooth SIG organization. The product must be certified by the SIG to be a real Bluetooth product to ensure that the compatibility and related performance of the product are in line with the Bluetooth standard, and can be used legally. LOGO of Bluetooth or BLUETOOTH and related Bluetooth technical specifications.


3. Conditions of use of Bluetooth brand

1. A company must be a member of the Bluetooth SIG to use the Bluetooth brand.

2. Member companies using Bluetooth-branded products that are properly qualified and comply with the Bluetooth license agreement must complete the qualification and declaration process through online tools managed by the Bluetooth SIG.


4. The right of Bluetooth SIG members to use Bluetooth branded products

use Bluetooth technology in products and services;

use the Bluetooth brand in products and services;

OEM or resell products that use Bluetooth technology.


5. The content of Bluetooth BQB certification includes the following aspects:

1. Radio Frequency (RF) Conformance Test

2. Protocol Conformance Test

3. Profile compatibility test

4. Declaration of Conformity


6. Information required for Bluetooth BQB certification

1. Company information;

2. Product model name;

3. Provide registration after username and password (you can register yourself in SIG);

4. Samples (A total of two prototypes are required, one of which leads out the RF line and can enter the test mode; the other one can work normally, with two sets of accessories.)

5. Power of attorney (company module), etc.


7. Bluetooth BQB certification process

1. Register SIG membership

2. Purchase DID

3. Determine the certification method (two ways: qualification certification + declaration/declaration only)

4. Bluetooth product qualification certification

5. Submit test evidence report and product declaration.

6. List complete product information

7. Complete certification



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