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Talent Concept

GTG is an enterprise composed of a group of ideal and passionate people with creativity and cultural power, constantly challenging themselves and pursuing excellence. GTG employees are partners who grow up with GTG. GTG strives to protect the health of employees by various means, respect the legitimate rights and interests of employees, establish harmonious employee relations, continuously satisfy employees' self-realization wishes, and improve employee satisfaction.

Employees are the greatest wealth of an enterprise. GTG believe that getting social respect and realizing personal value is everyone's pursuit, employee care is one of the important missions of the company, and building a professional staff team is the core content of employee training and development. GTG actively establishes various employee incentive mechanisms, mobilizes employees' enthusiasm for work, highly affirms the value created by employees, and pursues to realize the personal value of employees while realizing the company's value.

Talent Strategy

Four-high talent policy>> Talent strategy is the most important strategy of GTG Group. We adhere to the principle of "attracting people with career, shaping people with culture, motivating people with mechanism, and retaining people with development", and adhere to the principle of "four high-quality talents". High policy" (ie high quality, high responsibility, high contribution, high treatment).

"Suitable is talent" >> We believe that "suitable" is talent. "On the premise of agreeing with the GTG culture, as long as it meets the job requirements of GTG and can contribute to the development of GTG, it is an GTG talent." Active and highly responsible employees are the greatest wealth of GTG. Identifying with the GTG culture and doing things seriously and being a practical person according to the requirements of the GTG culture are the only criteria for testing qualified "GTG people". "Character first, people make the best use of their talents" is GTG's employment concept. GTG fully respects, understands and cares about employees, insists that the company and employees grow and develop together, and continuously develop their potential.

√ All employees of GTG are equal in personality regardless of their position;

√ The goal of continuous appreciation of human capital takes precedence over the goal of appreciation of financial capital;

√ The ability and potential of employees in completing their jobs are more important than academic qualifications;

√ The display of subordinates' talents and the recommendation of outstanding talents are important factors in determining the promotion and treatment of managers.

Three channels of salary distribution

In terms of salary distribution, the principle of "operation-management-technical occupation three-channel" is implemented, and the post-grade salary system based on the competency model is implemented, which is inclined to excellent employees.

Double lead in salary

Anci implements the strategy of driving performance growth with salary to ensure that the salary level of the company has a competitive advantage in the region and the industry, and the maximum income of employees doubles in 3 years. We pursue the principle of giving priority to performance and taking into account the fair distribution of interests, and unswervingly favor excellent employees; we will not sacrifice the long-term interests of the enterprise to maximize the distribution of short-term interests of employees, but ensure that in the economic boom period and the stage of good career development , the per capita annual income of employees is not lower than the corresponding highest level in the region.

"Management-Technology" Occupation Dual-Channel Mechanism

Break through the limitations of administrative promotions and provide technical personnel with a good career development path.

"Internal Open Competition" System

Anci's companies implement the "internal open competition" system from grassroots management positions to middle-level executives, providing a more transparent and open platform for employees' internal development. More and more employees are moving from the grassroots level to management or more senior positions. We follow the law of talent growth, based on objective and fair evaluation results, and let the most responsible people take on heavy responsibilities. Every employee has the potential to be promoted through hard work and the ability to grow on the job. We are not limited by qualifications and levels, and according to the requirements of corporate organizational goals and career development, we will implement exceptional promotions for those with outstanding abilities and outstanding contributions, and implement a cadre system that can be promoted or dropped.

Training is the greatest benefit of employees

"Training is the greatest benefit for employees", "Learning is a way of life to ensure that one is not eliminated" is the talent concept of Anci, and we carry out training and development work with this as the core. Specializing in cultivating enterprise management, technical backbones and reserve talents, Anci Growth Academy was established, and the training resources of various subsidiaries were established and integrated. The training system covers all employees of the company from ordinary employees to senior management personnel, and offers special training including new employee induction training, job skills training, employee professional training, high-potential talent promotion training, and middle and senior management personnel training training, etc. A series of courses.

Rising Star Set sail

On January 5, 2022, Anci Group's "Rising Star Settlement Plan" project was officially launched. The project was introduced to new college graduates and was equipped with on-the-job tutors to participate in counseling. The first 18 newly recruited college students started a 30-day "idea introduction stage", "industry professional knowledge learning", "rotation practice training" and other trainings. At the one-day job rotation training summary meeting, the newly joined college students showed the newcomers of Anci with enthusiasm, passion and talent.


High salary, high performance and high growth

"Double leadership in the industry and region", higher salaries than the same industry, high percentage of performance bonuses, semi-annual salary adjustment opportunities, more promotion opportunities during the company's rapid development period, equity or benefit incentives, and honor incentives.

Up to 20 employee benefits

Five insurances and one housing fund, free accommodation, free staff restaurants, education and training, international and domestic travel, holiday benefits, team building funds, long Spring Festival holidays, parental pensions, car and house purchase funds, etc. Up to 20 benefits.

Entrepreneurial spirit, self-management

The company implements decentralized management and encourages internal fission-type entrepreneurship. You are the boss, self-managing and responsible for your own results! You decide your "magnetic" field!

Young people, happy culture

We are working together with youth. The post-90s account for more than 75%, the average age is 26+, and the undergraduate degree is more than 60%. The company is full of positive energy.


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