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GS certification is a voluntary certification based on the German Product Safety Law (SGS) and tested in accordance with the European Union's unified standard EN or the German industrial standard DIN.

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More Introduction

1. Introduction of GS certification

GS certification is a voluntary certification based on the German Product Safety Law (SGS) and tested in accordance with the European Union's unified standard EN or the German industrial standard DIN. It is a German safety certification mark recognized in the European market. As a product safety and quality reliable mark, GS is widely recognized by consumers in Germany and the European Union. The quality and safety of products bearing the GS mark exceed the level required by law. The GS mark can gain higher recognition than the CE mark, because the GS certificate is issued by a qualified third-party testing agency.



2. GS certified product type

Household appliances, household electronic equipment, audio-visual equipment, electrical and electronic office equipment, and other safety-related products.


3. GS certification issuing agency

(1) German certification body: Usually well-known domestic GS certification agencies in Germany include TÜV SÜD, TÜV RH, VDE, etc., which are GS certification agencies directly recognized by Germany. 

(2) Other certification bodies: Usually other GS certification bodies in Europe that cooperate with Germany include KEMA, ITS, NEMKO, UL (DEMKO), SGS, Euroland, etc.


4. GS certification common standards:


LVD standard

IT/AV power supplies/products




Wireless products


Lighting products EN60598-1,
Batteries Products



Electric vehicles Products EN15194

Home appliances




Medical products



5. The difference between GS certification and CE certification

GS certification

CE certification

Voluntary certification non-compÜlsory

Compulsory Certification CompÜlsory

Applicable to German safety regulations for testing GS

Testing according to European standards (EN)

Test content: safety standards

Test content: EMC command + LVD command

Tested by an independent third party authorized by the German government and issued a GS mark certificate

Self-declaration of CE is possible on the premise of having complete technical documents (including test reports)

Must pay annual fee

No annual fee

Annual factory inspection is required

No factory inspection required

The GS mark is issued by an authorized testing unit, with high credibility and market acceptance

Factory's self-declaration of product conformity, low credibility and market acceptance


6. Technical information to be submitted for GS certification

1. Fill out the application form

2. Sign the general agreement

3. Information required for safety assessment

The CB certificate and report of the product can be provided, which must include the group difference in Europe. Or provide the information required for safety assessment (instruction manual, parts list, circuit diagram and layout, structure diagram, specifications of transformers and other components, etc. )

4. Parts in contact with food (if any)

5. Nameplate (German, GSlogo of correct size is required.)

6. Electromagnetic Compatibility Assessment Report (EMC) and Factory Declaration of Conformity (DOC)

7. German manual

8. Samples during shipment to complete structural review. Type test or ergonomic test evaluation

9. For applicable product categories, noise and EN50332 evaluation reports are required

10. For applicable product categories, evaluation reports of DMF and EMF are required.


7.GS certification process

1) First meeting: Through the first meeting, the testing agency or agency will explain the specific procedures and relevant standards of certification to the applicant's product engineer, and provide the required documents to be submitted.

2) Application: The applicant submits the documents that meet the requirements. For electrical products, the general assembly drawing, electrical schematic diagram, bill of materials, product usage or installation instructions, and differences between series models need to be submitted.

3) Technical meeting: After the testing agency has checked the applicant's documents, a technical meeting will be arranged with the applicant's technicians.

4) Sample testing: The testing will be carried out in accordance with the applicable standards and can be carried out in the manufacturer's laboratory or any of the inspection agencies' laboratories located in each country.

5) Factory inspection: GS certification requires safety-related procedural inspections of production sites.

6) Issue GS certificate.


8. GS certification factory inspection and other matters needing attention

1. Quality management   

2. Production line of certified products   

3. Raw materials, purchased parts. Parts   

4. Metering   

5. Factory test facility   

6. Technical documents and information   

7. Technical Services   


9. Time period and validity period of GS certification

1. Cycle: The length of time depends on whether the product needs to be modified or the speed with which the manufacturer submits the required product documentation.

2. Validity period: GS certification is valid within 5 years after the certification body promulgated it. During the validity period, the factory will review it once a year. After 5 years, product testing needs to be re-tested to obtain GS certification.


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