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NCC is the abbreviation of The National Communications Commission, which mainly controls the communication and information equipment circulating and used in the Taiwan market

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1. Introduction to NCC Certification

NCC is the abbreviation of The National Communications Commission, which mainly controls the communication and information equipment circulating and used in the Taiwan market:

1. LPE: Low Power Equipment is low power equipment (for example: Bluetooth, WIFI equipment);

2. TTE: Telecommunications Terminal Equipment is communication terminal equipment (such as: mobile phones, tablet equipment).



2. Scope of NCC certified products

1. Low-power RF motors with operating frequencies from 9kHz to 300GHz, such as: wireless network (WLAN) products (including IEEE 802.11a/b/g), UNII, Bluetooth products, RFID, ZigBee, wireless keyboards, wireless mice , wireless headset microphone, radio walkie-talkie, radio remote control toys, all kinds of radio remote control, all kinds of wireless anti-theft devices, etc.  

2. Public switched telephone network equipment (PSTN) products, such as wired telephones (including VOIP network telephones), automatic alarm equipment, telephone answering machines, fax machines, remote control devices, wired telephones, wireless main and auxiliary machines, and key telephone systems , data equipment (including ADSL equipment), incoming call display terminal equipment, 2.4GHz radio frequency telecommunication terminal equipment, etc.

3. Land mobile communication network equipment (PLMN) products, such as wireless broadband access mobile station equipment (WiMAX mobile terminal equipment), GSM 900/DCS 1800 mobile phones and terminal equipment (2G mobile phones), third-generation mobile communication terminals equipment (3G mobile phone), etc.


3. NCC certification test regulations

Low Power Radio Frequency Motor (RF) Test Regulations: LP0002

Telecommunications terminal equipment (Telecom) test regulations: PSTN01, PLMN01, PLMN08


4. NCC certification test project

RF testing;

Occupied bandwidth test;

output power and power density;

In-band spurious test;

Radiated spurious testing, etc.


5. Materials to be prepared for NCC certification

1. User Manual

2. BOM

3.PCB wiring diagram PCB Layout

4. Block Diagrams

5.PCB Positioning Diagram PCB Placement

6. Circuit Schematics Schematics

7. Module specification IC Data Sheet

8. Fixed frequency operation SOP

9. Product label Label

10. The manufacturer's certificate is required for foreign countries, and the radio frequency use certificate is required for local certificate holders.


6. NCC certification prototype requirements

1. Two RF fixed frequency prototypes and one common prototype.

2. The fixed-frequency prototype is for multi-channel working products. If it is a single-channel prototype, please provide a continuous transmission prototype.


7. NCC certification process

Receive the sample for pre-testing, and prepare the above information during the test. After the test is completed, arrange to send samples to Taiwan for testing.

Finally, the report and certificate will be issued by Taiwan.

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