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Japan's "Radio Law" requires type approval (ie, technical regulation compliance certification) for designated radio equipment. TELEC certification is mandatory.

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1. Introduction to TELEC certification

Japan's "Radio Law" requires type approval (ie, technical regulation compliance certification) for designated radio equipment. TELEC certification is mandatory. The certification body is a registered certification body recognized by MIC in the scope of designated radio equipment. TELEC (Telecom Engineering Center) is the main registered certification body for the conformity certification of radio equipment in Japan. TELEC is also called MIC certification in Japan. TELEC is MIC is one of the designated issuing agencies, so it is collectively referred to as TELEC certification. All wireless products exported to Japan require TELEC certification when exporting customs clearance. Whether they are sold on Amazon in Japan or sold locally in Japan, they need to comply with the Japanese market access license.

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2. TELEC certification standards

The technical standards of TELEC certification refer to the classification and technical standards of designated radio equipment listed in the technical regulations compliance certification system on its official website. It is worth noting that in the event of discrepancies between these technical standards and the technical requirements of the Radio Regulatory Commission Rules No.18, the Radio Regulations shall prevail.


3. Common standards for TELEC certification:



Bluetooth/WiFi/2.4G wireless

Products (non-RC aircraft)

MIC Notice NO.88 Appendix NO.43

Article 2 Paragraph 1 Item 19

Article 2 Paragraph 1 Item 19-2

(2.4G WIFI: 802.11b with 14 channels)

2.4G remote control plane

MIC Notice NO.88 Appendix NO.43

Article 2 Paragraph 1 Item 19-2-2

5.2GWIFI products

MIC Notice NO.88 Appendix NO.45

Article 2 Paragraph 1 Item 19-3

315M remote control products

MIC Notice NO.88 Appendix NO.22

Article 2 Paragraph 1 Item 8


4. Common test items for TELEC certification

1. Frequency error test

2. Occupied bandwidth/carrier frequency bandwidth test

3. Stray disturbance test

4. Antenna power error test

5. Receiver spurious disturbance test

6. eirp antenna power test

7. 3db lobe bandwidth test

8. Duty cycle test

9. Take the time test


5. TELEC certification process



6. TELEC certification type

TELEC certification includes Test Certification and Type Certification.

1. Test certification: verify each equipment unit, the certification is only valid for each verified equipment unit;

2. Type Approval: To verify the samples of a batch of equipment of the same design and manufacture, the certification is valid for the batch of equipment, but if the design or manufacture of the equipment is changed, the equipment will need to be re-certified.


7. TELEC certification matters needing attention

The use of non-low power radio stations and their terminal equipment requires a license from MIC.

In addition, there are two cases for compliance certification of telecommunications terminal equipment:

For ordinary telephone devices, JATE certification is required only as required by the Telecommunications Business Law;

For wireless terminal equipment, in addition to JATE certification according to the requirements of the Telecommunications Business Law, TELEC certification according to the requirements of the Radio Law is also required.


8. Technical data required for TELEC certification

1. User Manual

2. BOM

3. Circuit Description Operational Description

4.PCB wiring diagram PCB Layout

5. Block Diagrams

6.PCB Positioning Diagram PCB Placement

7. Circuit schematic Schematics

8. Manufacturer ISO Certificate ISO Certificate

9. Label and Location

10. Module specification IC Data Sheet

11. Statement of Quality Control

12. Antenna Test Report ANT Report


9. TELEC certification prototype requirements

1. One RF fixed frequency prototype and one common prototype.

2. The fixed-frequency prototype is for multi-channel working products. If it is a single-channel prototype, please provide a continuous transmission prototype.

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